RTO: Was Harassed For Visiting Rto In Shorts, Says Techie

2022.01.20 00:09 LovesDosa RTO: Was Harassed For Visiting Rto In Shorts, Says Techie

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2022.01.20 00:09 spca2001 Joe Wink's Broken Essence featuring Mesmer's 'Discoveries' Mix

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2022.01.20 00:09 sportssaying ⚽ Marcus Rashford became the third different player to score 10 PL goals as a substitute for Man Utd, after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (17) and Javier Hernandez (14) ⚽

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2022.01.20 00:09 Chaosxx Check Your App Store for a Game Update to see Loot Lagoon

Check Your App Store for a Game Update to see Loot Lagoon The game has pushed an update to the app stores. If you do not currently have a Loot Lagoon event showing on your Events Board, make sure you update your client, and you will then be able to see it and participate. The event is on for another 1 day 13 hrs from the time of this post.

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2022.01.20 00:09 RainbowAaria [PC] Wired Xbox One controller and wired Xbox 360 controller causes the game to freak out. Any advice?

If we start a run and play it thru, we don't really run into issues. Sometimes it will fuss and say the controllers disconnect or it stops recognizing then, but generally we don't have issues.
If we close the run and then come back to it, the game loses its mind. It will immediately tell me, the main player, that my controller isn't recognized. I'll get it to finally recognize me, but it won't recognize my partner. Then, after lots of exiting the run and reopening it, it recognized her as a player, but not as 2nd player. It kept the 2nd character in and dropped her in as controlling a baby like co-op used to be. We got mad, closed the whole game and restarted, then opened again and it worked, but hee Azazel character now fired normal tears and would show the Magdalene (my character) form when hurt.
We don't know how to fix this issue. We've made sure the drivers are current. Our game is up to date. Our gaming pc was built by us and only a month or two old. Is controller support a common issue? We don't run into it as much with or PS4 controllers wired to the computer, but figured Xbox ones would talk better to our Windows.
All advice is welcome.
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2022.01.20 00:09 bot_painani Crítica al principio de interpretación conforme

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2022.01.20 00:09 Forsaken-Sweet2558 [Ps4] H: M2515 Broadsider W: caps or up for whatever.

Got a M2515 broadsider, I am not personally a fan of broadsiders. I know they have a cult following so if you want one today is your day. Throw me an offer, Im not picky and love trying new things.... plus, this thing is heavy.
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2022.01.20 00:09 bot_painani Crítica al principio de interpretación conforme

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2022.01.20 00:09 keybee_08 What is your go to " feel good " song? I need more hype up music in my playlist!

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2022.01.20 00:09 Embarrassed_Row_6858 Great Deal? IP 6 qt Duo Crisp $78 @ Target

I just ordered my first IP. The two big questions I had were: 1) 6 qt or 8 qt, and 2) Duo Plus or Duo Crisp? I decided on the 6 qt Duo Crisp. In looking around, it seems the list price is $150, and can regularly be found for about $130. You can buy it right now at target for $78.00 plus a few bucks shipping (my total was about $82.00).
I looked carefully to ensure this is the Duo Crisp model that dehydrates and it is NOT the Target exclusive Crisp version.
Thought that others might be interested in a deal too!
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2022.01.20 00:09 Philliams24 Keep feeding the stigma

None of these are accurate, nor funny. The only purpose I see in any of these memes is to keep feeding the stigma around schizophrenia. We may have instability during our stages of psychosis, but that's why we take our meds and seek professional help.
Im appalled and disgusted
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2022.01.20 00:09 Nobodyletloose Interesting mountain formation map generator.

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2022.01.20 00:09 znzbnda Anyone know what the upcoming changes to the ASD criteria will be in the new DSM-5-TR?

Hi all,
Sorry if this has been asked before. (I did search and didn't see it.) I just learned that there will be a DSM update released in March, and it will now be the DSM-5-TR.
Lots of updates, including the addition of Prolonged Grief Disorder, updates based on reviews for racism and discrimination, and updates to gender descriptors and terminology, some of which seem long overdue.
I also see this:

Diagnostic criteria have been revised for several disorders, primarily for clarification. These include changes in the criteria sets for the following diagnoses:
Autism spectrum disorder
Does anyone know what these changes are expected to be? I couldn't find anything looking online. I know it's publishing in March, but they already have the text for the PGD available, so I was wondering if there is any info on anticipated changes. Anyone know?
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2022.01.20 00:09 volacen 💗😵‍💫

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2022.01.20 00:09 AlphaMeme14 Mixing Chapter Detachments

I recently bought a Space Marine Codex and a Core Rules book. From what I gather, in the 9th edition, you can mix space marine chapters, and as long as each chapter is in a separate detachment, then the detachment still retains its Chapter Tactics, and no combat doctrines are lost. Is this true?
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2022.01.20 00:09 According_Eagle_3301 What is a stereotype that no one talks about?

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2022.01.20 00:09 TangeloInteresting62 Cry babies

To all the cry babies who thought I was advising to sell your baby doge before real moon mission time, you will most likely not make it. Emotional = bad trading decisions
For the grateful people who messaged me asking for take profit strats for when the real moon mission comes, you are gonna make a lot of money and good job for not having an “up only” mentality because that will hurt when it’s all said and done.
Good luck to everyone, and take profits when you meet your goals.
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2022.01.20 00:09 Independent-Wealth74 question for the whole community , which is better

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2022.01.20 00:09 Several-Development3 IWFTR

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2022.01.20 00:09 cynicalbreton Wallet Maintenance?

Im trying to withdrawal SOUL tokens off exchange (I dont keep anything on exchange so try to withdraw ASAP).
Long story short it has said wallet maintenance for days and days maybe even a week or so now.. I left Binance because of this type of stuff and never has kukoin done this to me.
but now its doing it...
and after google searching I see multiple recent complaints about this type of thing now. What gives?
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2022.01.20 00:09 No_Read2558 Selling My 7DS account 20$ Dm Me

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2022.01.20 00:09 bot_painani La ausencia de consulta a los pueblos originarios en la evaluación de impacto ambiental en México

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2022.01.20 00:09 EarlyDetective3357 Its hard being a normal citizen in the MCU

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2022.01.20 00:09 Galphanore Idea for a kind of permanency ritual for a high magic setting for a D&D 5e game

One thing I always loved about previous editions of D&D was permanent spells. I realize they're hard to balance and led to some insane things, but I think they went too far in making spells temporary. Some things should be able to be made permanent, such as Gate. So I've been thinking, for most of the day, about some way to have a middle ground. Not as many spells as in 3.5e, but more than in base D&D and came up with this idea.
Note that the required spell levels are not always based on some formula based on level but on what I think "feels" right, going with the idea that I think 5e is overly strict about how long some spells should last.
Spell Matrix Ritual Level: 8th level Ritual Spell, requires multiple casters
Casting Time: 12 Hours per day, every day for 7 days straight.
Range/Area: 10 ft
Components: V,S,M* - Material Component is powdered silver worth 500gp, 500gp worth of quicksilver, and a physical structure made of metals and gems worth at least 10,000gp.
Duration: Instantaneous
School: Conjuration
While casting this spell, you mix the powdered silver and quicksilver together and dab it on each of the gemstones, coating them evenly. This processes is repeated multiple times until the full 12 hour casting time has passed. For the full 12 hours of casting time each day, you are considered to be Concentrating on the spell. You also use up your Action for each round during that time. If your concentration is broken, the spell fails and the ingredients are wasted. This spell requires five casters each performing their part of the ritual for 12 hours per day, overlapping in such a way that there is always at least 2 people performing the ritual at any given time.
Once the spell is completed, the physical structure rises into the air and holds position. It can fly at a speed of up to 60 ft but must remain within 500 ft of the location where it was created. The stats for the Spell Matrix are listed at the bottom of the description.
The important point of the Matrix, though, is that it is able to maintain and seamlessly recast a handful of spells in such a way as to give them an effectively Permanent duration. For a spell on this list to continue to function, spell casters must sacrifice spell slots to the Spell Matrix each day listed for the spell. The sacrificed spells must be at least half the level of the spell. The spell must first be cast by normal means, and then "handed over" to the Spell Matrix for maintenance. Each spell matrix can only keep one spell active at a time, and the source of the spell it is maintaining must remain near the matrix.

It may be possible for a spell matrix to be used for other spells, but that is left to DM discretion. In general, for a spell to be able to be maintained by the matrix it should have a duration of at least 1 minute. The affected spell will behave as if cast by the Spell Matrix, with the matrix as its source. If the Spell Matrix is destroyed, the spell it is maintaining continues for its normal duration and then ends.
Spell Matrix Medium Construct, Unaligned
Armor Class : 14
Hit Points : 68 (8d8+32)
Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? At the last, I'm thinking of adding something like the Spell Matrix construct to the game as something NPCs can make. Whether or not I include the spell as something the players can get access to is up in the air but, with the restrictions as listed above, they likely couldn't cast it anyway. However, if it's listed then they at least know how hard it would be to find someone to create a Spell Matrix for them for some set purpose.
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2022.01.20 00:09 bot_painani La ausencia de consulta a los pueblos originarios en la evaluación de impacto ambiental en México

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