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2021.12.05 07:16 Ihavetoleavesoon Thanks, AMD Radeon Software!

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2021.12.05 07:16 Unhappy-Local-8779 Offers? WL 2nd pic

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2021.12.05 07:16 aguycalledpeter Can anyone help with this co-op trophy? I'll really appreciate it!

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2021.12.05 07:16 macharrin123 How to Implement Google Analytics into Reddit

Hey guys, I am doing a task for my Analytics for Customer Engagement class. I need to create a google analytics implementation guide on a website of our choice and I chose reddit! Any tips?
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2021.12.05 07:16 JJulessNL Mercedes AMG ONE

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2021.12.05 07:16 happy_Bunny1 Who would've thought giving two broken abilities to same faction was a good idea?

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2021.12.05 07:16 lucacompassi Do you know what medal is this (i know it's Austro-Hungarian) (i know it's a reproduction, no need to say that's not original)

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2021.12.05 07:16 samuele_caldini Trying out oil pastels, feel free to give suggestions

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2021.12.05 07:16 zumuede Armer Ritter mit Jogurt und heißen Himbeeren

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2021.12.05 07:16 LeoPiazzo Hong Kong Circuit

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2021.12.05 07:16 paradoxinfinity 1 week in the fridge for the dough. Cooked at 550 for 7 min.

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2021.12.05 07:16 hiwahaku King's Raid 2 looking good *jk*

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2021.12.05 07:16 alamexn Add up for reliable streaks! (M19)

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2021.12.05 07:16 MysticKitty1o1 WIN OR LOSS?

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2021.12.05 07:16 ineedcash2021 Well I thought I'd see you around but you're having lunch now...

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2021.12.05 07:16 kindamymoose What’s the weirdest thing a customer ever got upset with you for?

I no longer work in fast food, but I did for about three years in my younger days.
Once had a family walk into the restaurant. I greeted them with a smile and a wave, pretty standard, I thought. They stood near the back of the area where orders were placed and stared at me.
I told them to order when they were ready.
The father (or older man) of the group threw his hands up, as if he was waiting for something. I continued to wait for them to approach the register so I could take their order.
Several moments passed before he and his family stormed out. On the way out, the father threatened to call corporate because I didn’t greet them in the way he wanted.
I was just thinking about this for some reason.
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2021.12.05 07:15 FrifuNavyPosting A Rebel Base? Where?

“We have been tasked to find a suitable base of the Mantooine resistance. M’bin’s intelligence suggested this planet in the Oplovis Sector. It’s the second planet in the Akuria system. It’s got a good atmosphere, plenty of snow, and oceans warmed by geysers,” Gady explained with a bit of cheeky humor as he motioned to the hologram of the white and orange planet with a pointer. Standing beside him was the black plated military protocol droid with a clamshell head, MP-A4. M’bin On board the Kuras Gale’s (temporarily renamed Nebula Gale for the time being to avoid exposing Alliance references) meeting room was his usual crew and the members of the Mantooine resistance assigned to his group. Four corvettes, four bulk freighters, one freighter, six shuttles, and one cruiser-carrier weren’t enough to go fighting the Velmerians so Gady was content to just do a mission to set up an actual base. ’By doing so it would get the brass off Fere Station and back into the action,’ he reasoned in his head.
Captain Quat raised his hand and asked, “Where are the other Captains now, sir?”
“At the moment M’bin is en route to meet with some mercenaries, pirates, smugglers that we could potentially hire and Noola is working on obtaining some Velmerian shuttles and supplies in their home sector. Our job is to make sure they’ve got a nice home to settle down in,” Gady explained with some cheeky cheer. There was a grumble from some of the officers so he continued, “Look I know setting up a base on an ice ball isn’t the most exciting thing to do, but it’s important. Fere is too valuable to put at risk and this system will give us a good jumping point to Mantooine.”
“So what’s the plan Captain?” One of Gady’s original crew asked. Gady explained, “We’ll be looking for a sizable glacier to hollow out. The Blade Fighters operate better in atmosphere so pilots will be taking those down. The bulk transports will use their turbolasers to help thaw out the base if we must, but we’ll try to use natural formations if possible. Our goal will be to find a spot large enough to contain ten corvette scale ships and up to sixty starfighters.”
“Is there anything special about this iceball?” One of the Mantooine rebels asked. Gady answered, “There are some minerals we could mine if need-be, but there’s something else. M’bin’s intelligence tells us that there is a Wookiee-like species on Akuria II. They are intelligent, know how to use weapons, tools, and vehicles, and M’bin’s protocol droid knows how to communicate with it. As such, Ayefour was assigned to us.”
“Greetings. I am MP-A4. I am programmed to know the rules and regulations of over seven million military and paramilitary organizations. Due to the Akurians' history with the Rebel Alliance, knowledge of their language and capacities has been included in my databases,” Ayefour said with the dull tone of a military machine. Meant to evoke calm and authority instead of the poshness of other protocol droid models. The droid's introduction piqued the interest of those present. Quat asked, “So if you’re familiar with over seven million, does that mean you know anything about the Velmerians?”
“Of course I do. They are a First Order offshoot Imperial group formed in 35 ABY. They have exceptional ground based forces and their navy favors larger capital ships. They were primarily based in the Braxant sector, however they have recently expanded into other sectors,” Ayefour explained dutifully. The information sufficiently impressed Quat so he asked, “Do you think you could come up with a good strategy on how to beat them in a fight?”
“Unfortunately I cannot. I am not a battle droid and I could hardly qualify as a strategy droid. My creative dampeners are quite intact,” Ayefour explained. Quat’s interest faded as fast as it came on.
“So you’re just a protocol droid then?” He asked. Ayefour shook his head and responded, “I am, but I have been designed for military application, rather than diplomatic. My primary function is as an administrative organizer. My specialties include equipment requisitioning, barracks billeting, duty roster planning, and personnel file management. For the purpose of setting up a rebel base my functions shall be invaluable.”
Quat sighed quietly as he leaned back into his seat. Gady frowned slightly and defended the droid, “No one said this fight against the Velmerians would be quick and easy. If you want to just attack them, go right ahead, but then you’ll be at the same position Fest is in. We need to be quiet, we need to be secretive, and we need to be able to take advantage of anything. Will Ayefour be the ace in our deck? No, but neither is anything individually. We need to make a winning hand happen, we can’t just gamble and hope for a total victory!”
Gady’s regular crew nodded along to what their captain was saying, while the newer Mantooine soldiers were stunned at Gady’s sudden seriousness. Gady decided to keep pushing, “We’ll be jumping to Akuria II in two standard hours. We should arrive in an hour. I want everyone to be ready for cold weather by the time we arrive. Am I clear?”
Gady heard a small chorus of yeses so he ended it, “All right. Dismissed. Back to your ships.”
As the staff filed out of the meeting room, Quat came over to Gady and said, “I’m uh...sorry about what I may have said. We are thankful for your help Captain, it’s just…”
“I understand. You’re worried about your home system. You want to get those Imperial bastards out of your home. I understand perfectly. I’ve seen it plenty of times. It’s why we’re here to help,” Gady said sympathetically as he slapped Quat’s shoulder, “I want you on board the transport Akaga. It has some important gear on there so it will be one of the first cargo ships on the surface.”
“Yessir,” Quat said as he saluted Gady and walked out of the meeting room. Gady smiled and thought to himself, ’Maybe I’m getting through to the kid a little.’ He looked back over at Ayefour and ordered, “I want you to give me a flight group plan. Two squadrons of Blade Fighters to scout the surface of Akuria. I want it done before we go to hyperspace.”
“Certainly, sir,” the droid said. It saluted Gady and began to waddle off to the starfighter hanger. Gady saluted back to the droid and looked back at the image of the planet. “You might be our best hope…” Gady murmured before he shut off the image and went back to the bridge.
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2021.12.05 07:15 FaithInStrangers94 Anyone else find it difficult to predict his views on things because of his apparent contradictions?

He made no bones about them “confessions and contradictions” being the byline of his memoir - and this isn’t intended as a cavil against the man as much as it is a recognition of his nuanced and protean stance on things, and maybe even his contrarian nature.
I’m not certain how he’d react to say vaccine mandates - he wouldn’t take well to government overreach but wouldn’t stand for mass paranoia and conspiracy either - however I’ve heard him rattle off a few fairly way out conspiracies. And there’s always a chance something would catalyse him to turn 180 on his views as he had infamously did apropos his stance on America’s foreign policy and militancy.
If anything it makes him more interesting to me.
Or am I overthinking it?
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2021.12.05 07:15 moggychicken Vault Island

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2021.12.05 07:15 Zestyclose_Annual972 Winter Wonderland London 2021 | 4K Walking Tour

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2021.12.05 07:15 Spykez-_- Feeling nauseous and sick after cigar

I'm new to cigars, having only smoked 4 so far. For 3 of those I have never felt sick or nauseous and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After smoking my 4th cigar yesterday evening, the moment I sat down after smoking I suddenly felt really dizzy and nauseous. Some aspects that were different to the cigars I smoked before were that it was snowing outside and the cigar became soggy quickly, so I had to puff more frequently than I did previously. I also had to relight the cigar twice. I don't know if this is related to those factors or if I did something else wrong/ differently. Did you ever experience something like this after a cigar and if so, does it happen often and how can I prevent it in the future? Also, do you have any tips to find a good rythm for puffing? I have heard of the 1-2 puffs a minute 'rule' but I can't seem to find a good tempo, either the cigar goes out or it gets to hot and starts to taste hot and bitter
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2021.12.05 07:15 mayemeraldsback The thread where MN long to go back to the liberal 80s
Admittedly I’ve just finished watching It’s A Sin (not sure what I make of it tbh but that’s by the by.)
I started school in 1985, left in 97. This idea of non conformity being encouraged 🤣🤣🤣
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely wish there was more space for gender variant behaviour without people feeling under pressure to try and change sex. We should welcome butch girls and effeminate boys, and encourage their self-expression and a bit more gender diversity, rather than trying to turn them into properly gender conforming people of the other sex. And I’m well aware that while it sounds liberal and tolerant to make space for children to be trans, it’s actually the opposite to be wanting gender presentation to match up with pronouns and bodies. I can bang on all day about that.
I strongly dispute the 80s as being the time when it was done, though!
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2021.12.05 07:15 haimes117 Joined at the end of round one and had teammates join and leave constantly. I just need two more wins for the Weekly Ultimate and this keeps happening.

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2021.12.05 07:15 paintyourgirl Who else is horny and wide awake for no reason?

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2021.12.05 07:15 Heatblaster34 Just saw the Original ‘Flatliners’ (1990) and was blown away with the new and original thriller concept of its time! The trailer does not do the justice here, but the film is genuinely great to have a look at and is intelligent within its plot and characters.

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