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Mouseovered target's highlighing

2021.12.05 07:04 barlung Mouseovered target's highlighing

Am i the only one who can't see who i am attacking? When i put cursor over somebody in old version it's starting shining like a diamond and it's very comfortable to see who under cursor is. I was trying to find some settings for this stuff in new graphic mode but i haven't found anything.
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2021.12.05 07:04 robjones331 I find myself watching gay porn and it has me questioning my sexuality. Am I gay?

Im a 23m who’s always assumed I was straight. However, in the last year I’ve been watching gay porn and getting off on it and it confuses me.
Is started last year, after I broke up with my girlfriend and for whatever reason I was curious as I’d recently discovered tranny porn and I liked that. Skip forward to now and it’s all I watch as I don’t watch straight porn anymore.
I felt necessary to ask here what this could mean because in the last couple of weeks I’ve started watching having sexual fantasies about other men.
Could this just be a weird phase or something else, or am I maybe gay and just never knew?
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2021.12.05 07:04 TurtleBlood LF: Castform/Plusle/Minun, non ENG Ditto

theses are the last three Mons missing for my dex completion. Can offer every other Pokemon since I wanna have a version of every single Pokemon in my boxes. Can give for example Lapras, Kryppuk, BDSP Exclusives, Daily Pokemon like Yanma, Spoink etc. Also have a single Metal Coat leftover if you want that.
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2021.12.05 07:04 White-Lady7265 Answer these questions based on your experience with the franchise

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2021.12.05 07:04 EggplantKnown810 I'm unable to figure out my childhood traumas. Like I experience it on the outside but i feel like i doesn't feel at all If I'm an emotionally numb at that time? Or if I'm not understood at all like what happened??It's very important...

I'm unable to figure out my childhood traumas. Like I experience it on the outside but i feel like i doesn't feel at all If I'm an emotionally numb at that time? Or if I'm not understood at all like what happened??It's very important... submitted by EggplantKnown810 to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 07:04 fatmusician1 Python - how to edit this so I'm satisfied?

I want it to jump to b = input("") after an invalid input like it does with a and not jump to a = input().
Also: How can you make it display an error message and prompt for a valid input (and not jump to the beginning of the loop) if b == 0?

while True: a = input("Enter a number or quit:") if a == "quit": break try: a = float(a) except ValueError: print("Invalid input!") continue b = input("Enter 2nd number or quit:") if b == "quit": break try: b = float(b) except ValueError: print("Invalid input!") continue try: print(a/b) except ZeroDivisionError: print("Can't divide by zero.") continue 
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2021.12.05 07:04 3much4u The teammate rating system definitely is overdue an overhaul

1) your teammate suddenly decides to double team the guy you are defending, leaving his man free. The game suddenly points your arrow to the open man, telling you to switch, but before you can even do that, he receives the ball and scores. You get a 'defensive breakdown'. 2) The player you are defending is Ben-Simmons like player from 3, so you intentionally leave him open to encourage him to brick. You get a 'leaves assignment'. 3) A 7-footer is backing down your PG in the paint, you double-team to help out. You get 'leaves assignment'. But if you doubled team and forced an error you get a 'good double team'. Literally the same thing. 4) Your team wastes the shot clock and gives you the ball with 0.5 seconds left. You fail to put up a shot in time. 'turnover'. You get down rated just as if you threw the ball into the stands. 5) The final minute of the game, you are the ball handler and your team is in the lead. You need to of course kill at least 20 seconds off the shot clock, like in real basketball. You get a 'hold ball too long'.
6.) You go for a chase down block as a help defender, but the ball just started it's decent before you could reach it. The basket counts. You get downgraded for a "violation".
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2021.12.05 07:04 Peggy_Sue_Eat_A_Poo How would you react if a office orgy suddenly broke out at work?

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2021.12.05 07:04 googleboy200 Asking online community for generosity and help and compassion https://gofund.me/4476ed90

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2021.12.05 07:04 Judgement_Bot_AITA AITA for banning my daughter from seeing her boyfriend

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2021.12.05 07:03 PointMane 1 VS 2 While Breaking

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2021.12.05 07:03 GameOnBrother What's New In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: New Map, Spider-Man, And More

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2021.12.05 07:03 Filipino_Mc Spamtong

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2021.12.05 07:03 RedTideStories [Satirical fiction] Hedgehog's dilemma

“Say no to the CCP!”
“Say no to the CCP!” The small crowd chanted, holding up flags of Hong Kong and Tibet. Conspicuously missing is the Chinese flag, with its five yellow stars emblazoned on a blood-red background.
Fan-qing brushed against the dirty railing, then leaned against it as she watched the rally take place on the opposite side of the road. Their city wasn’t particularly big, so there were only twenty or so people that showed up. She privately admired their courage. She, for one, was careful not to show up in any pictures that could cause grief for her parents, still living at home in Shanghai. But as a show of support, she still went to the rally, despite only taking part as an observer. She knew deep down it wouldn’t change a thing. It was really just to appease her guilt of not doing more.
She was not the only one looking on from afar. Curiously, the surrounding crowd was larger than the rally itself. She scanned the crowd quickly. Mostly interested locals, but a few Chinese faces mixed in as well. None typing into their phones, that’s good. No notepads, although that was a very old-fashioned practice and would be a dead giveaway now. It’s almost equivalent to James Bond cutting up a lemon and squeezing it to leave a hidden message during a life-or-death chase. But perhaps that would have been better for the rally-goers. At least then, both sides are out in the open. Now, the spies are concealed.
Fan-qing was fairly certain spies, or “intelligence agents”, as they prefer to be called, were among the crowd. Likely blended in as a tourist in a hilariously oversized coat, or a shopper with multiple bags to transport their equipment. Or possibly both. Cameras were probably set up in the buildings opposite to get a good look at the faces of those who attended. Which was why she didn’t dare to attend the rally, and limited herself to lingering around the edges. No one could see, nor hear, her chant the same slogans, but she was screaming it in her heart. Hopefully that would suffice.
Taking a small sip of water, she tried to look disinterested and not at all invested in the people giving a voice to the movement she believed in. However, this proved to be a poorly thought-out move on her part. As someone pushed through the crowd, she lost her grip on the bottle and it all poured into her canvas bag. This would have been no problem if she didn’t have her notebook filled with useful information from work in it, or if she had carried a backpack instead. She fished out her notebook, still dripping wet. As a member of the older generation, she still preferred the written format. After all, an accountant like her didn’t mind using an old-fashioned practice, unlike James Bond.
“I’m so sorry. Oh, oh no. So sorry!” Fu-ming mumbled under his breath. “Here, take some.” He pulled out a pack of tissues and offered them to Fan-qing. Fanqing, too bewildered to be angry, grabbed them and started drying out the cover. But beyond that, no amount of tissues can fix the drenched pages inside. It was but a temporary measure. Fuming stared at her, frantically wiping down the spine of the notebook. “Notepad, huh?”
“What? Oh yeah. Just stuff from work. See?” She carefully flipped it open, revealing the dense marks of blue ink forming calculations on the lined page.
“Oh right. I’m the same way, I like writing down things. It makes me remember them more, you know?” Fu-ming caught himself. He had a tendency to ramble on when he was nervous. “Sorry.” He patted his pockets but found no more tissues. “Uh, if you don’t mind, my company’s office is around the corner. Well, I say my company, but it’s really just me. Just something I set up after working decades… Anyway, I have a hair dryer there that can help dry your notes out in a hurry. Is that okay?”
Fan-qing’s eyes gleamed. “Yes, that would be amazing!”
“Okay, let’s go then! Just this way…” He pushed against the surrounding crowd which showed no signs of dissipation, and eventually found a way out.
“Just wait a minute. Let me tidy up the office slightly. It will just be a moment.”
In reality, it was not really about clearing boxes out of the passageways or three-day-old lunch boxes off tables. Fu-ming tugged at two movie posters on the walls, and rolled them up tightly. Both were bleak affairs: the first called “The trial of Baimadajie Angwang”, a semi-fictionalized account of a Tibetan NYPD officer who spied for the CCP. The second was called “Inside the red brick wall”, a documentary about the 2019 Siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He only dared to put them up since it was his own company, and no one else works here. Best not to let a new acquaintance notice them.
He opened up the door again. “All done. Please, come on in.”
In a fit of frenzy to preserve her work, Fan-qing removed the spiral wire from her notebook and laid out the fifty or so pages on the table. As she held the hair dryer over each one, Fuming walked over to the pantry. “Any drinks? Water?” He asked, immediately regretting his choice. “I’m sure you’ve had enough of water,” he quipped.
Fan-qing let out an amused chuckle. “Yeah, for today. I will have a coffee though.”
“How do you want it?”
“No milk, one sugar.”
As the kettle boiled, Fu-ming leaned against the pantry sink and watched her desperately try to restore her work to normal. He decided to take a chance. “Were you part of the rally out there?” He inquired, hoping to sound indifferent.
“No. I didn’t even know there was a rally until I walked past. I just stopped to see what was going on.”
“Ah.” He made sure he didn’t sound disappointed. Like in the movie he watched, he knew there was a possibility the middle-aged woman before him could be a spy. He’d rather not take his chances.
But if she shared his view though, that would be a completely different matter. And that is not an unreasonable view to hold. She was there, just next to the rally and watching them so intently that she didn’t notice him barging through the crowd. Maybe she just didn’t want to be that outspoken, he thought, not knowing just how correct he was. He resolved to push on this matter later.
“So, what are these notes?”
“Well, it’s just work. I work as an accountant, and these are just the most basic information about the firms I’ve been assigned…”
“So, how is business?” Fu-ming asked, genuinely interested in her answer.
“Oh, you’d be surprised. It’s actually so busy. I just came back from the office.”
“On a Saturday?”
“Yeah. I’ve worked all night, so when the people on the other side of the street started chanting, I guess I was caught in a daze.”
“Right, so that’s why you were there when I bumped into you.” He paused, secretly building up courage to ask his next and most important courage. “What do you think about those people chanting?”
“Them? I guess they are alright, not so loud I could hear them from my office.” She tried to sidestep the question by pretending she didn’t fully understand.
“No, not like that. What do you think about their views?” As soon as those words left his mouth, he started to draft out a response for if she replies in the affirmative. Same here! I just feel like we should support them, right, human rights and everything. I would go to more rallies, just that I’m a bit worried about…
“I’m not political.” Three simple words that shattered Fu-ming’s fantasy. He swallowed the words that were just on the tip of his tongue. Fan-qing felt like she had no choice. She had to keep her views secret, not fully able to trust this new acquaintance, though he seemed harmless. “I don’t really understand all of that well enough, and frankly… I don’t care.” She lied, taking a sip of the lukewarm coffee she had ignored while they chatted excitedly. She hoped it would mask her lack of conviction.
“Right.” He paused, staring blank-eyed at the wall behind her, where the movie posters once were. “Me too. I… don’t know any of that. I mean, what does it mean to me on a daily basis anyway?” He waved his hand and chuckled weakly.
“Yeah.” What do you say to that? Her mouth hung open, but no words came out. Just like when she pulled an all-nighter and her brain just crashed the following morning. Fortunately, she was saved by her phone. Ring ring!
“Sorry, I have to take this call. It’s from work.”
“Oh that’s alright. Go on.” He was relieved it broke the silence. This would give him precious time to collect his thoughts, after his hopes were dashed.
“Sorry, I’ll be back in a moment.” She pulled her phone up to her ear, taking care not to reveal the wallpaper to Fu-ming - a picture of Sun Yat-sen in front of the flag of the Republic of China, with the words “Three Principles of the People” written across his chest in flowery calligraphy. Had he noticed it, it would be a clear sign of her views. Not worth the risk, she deduced.
As Fan-qing stepped out of the small office, Fuming took the time to pull a small book off the shelf. He softly wiped some dust off of the cover, which read “No Enemies, No Hatred: Selected Essays and Poems by Liu Xiaobo”. Slipping it into a drawer, he supposed the famous dissident and Nobel Peace Prize laureate would not object to his book being hidden away to avoid detection. He had forgotten to put it away in the first place, but thankfully she didn’t seem to have noticed. Oh well. Perhaps one day he will bump into someone who shared his sentiments.
Fan-qing peered through her thick glasses at her notes that were still somewhat damp. Now, they were laid out in full on her dining table at home, leaving no space for the vase that previously decorated the room. It was now plopped right in front of the television.
“So how was the rally?” Her husband inquired, carrying a plate of sandwiches but finding no place on the table for them. After a moment’s hesitation, he gently put them down on the sofa, figuring the plate was clean enough not to leave a stain.
Fan-qing did not notice the issue of the sandwiches. Holding up a bigger hair dryer than Fu-ming had at his company, she was busy making sure next week’s work will go smoothly. “It’s alright. This guy bumped into me, and I spilled water all over the notes. He did get me a hair dryer at his company to salvage them.”
“That’s nice of him. Did he attend the rally?”
“Didn’t seem like it. He was coming from a different way.”
“Well, maybe he didn’t attend, but he felt similarly.” He paused. “Like you do.”
“No, I asked him. He didn’t care about politics at all, just said generic stuff like ‘I don’t really know much about it’. They all say similar things. I’m just waiting for the day someone will answer with ‘I think the Chinese government is bad’.”
The first thing Fu-ming did when he came home was switching on the television and flipping through the channels impatiently. “Can you believe it? Yet another person who said she had ‘no opinion’ on the atrocities the Chinese government is committing. There should only be one answer!”
His daughter was perched in front of the aquarium, housing not colorful tropical fishes but hedgehogs. For some reason, she adored hedgehogs and Fu-ming could not say no forcefully enough. She watched as the two hedgehogs crawled towards each other, and scarcely looked up. “How many have you asked now?”
“Around ten or fifteen. Every one of them said something like ‘oh, I don’t know that’. Just say it, it’s not Voldemort.” He was getting annoyed. Partially at himself for not coming out to say it first, but his daughter was gladly unaware of this fact.
“Maybe it’s the way you’re asking it.” The two hedgehogs moved really close to each other. Perhaps they want to feel some warmth in the winter night, maybe they just want to be friends.
“How am I doing it wrong? ‘What do you think about those people chanting?’” He performed his line again.
“More emotional. Ask it like you mean it.” She tore her gaze off the hedgehogs, just as they jumped away from each other. Both were hurt by the spines on the back of the others. If anyone watched closely, you could see small puncture marks on their backs.
“Knock it off, this isn’t a play. I know you’re just trying to screw with me.” Fu-ming might have gone along with it on another day, but not today.
“Fine. But maybe she just doesn’t care about politics. Not everyone is like you, dad.” The two hedgehogs scurried away in opposite directions, prevented from embracing each other by the spines they cannot lower. Fixing her eyes on the aquarium once more, she wondered if hedgehogs do indeed make friends with other hedgehogs or if they were condemned to a life alone.
“I don’t need everyone to be like me. Just one other person would be nice. I haven’t met a single one like me.”
“You know, it’s frustrating. It sometimes feels like we’re the only ones in the world with this sort of opinion.” Fan-qing sat down on the sofa, and picked up a sandwich. Evidently, she was okay with them being put on the sofa. Her husband made a mental note of this for the future.
“You just came back from the rally, which had what, twenty, thirty people?”
She shrugged off his remarks. “Yeah, but I wasn’t in the rally, and you don’t get to know them personally. Nobody around me would say these things to me, have a conversation with me, instead of just chanting slogans. I just want to complain about the Chinese government to someone.”
“I suppose in this context I don’t count.”
“Well, you’ve heard it so many times, you must be bored of it by now.”
“Sure, but it seems only natural given how many cases of spies working for the CCP have been uncovered.”
“I know. So what if he has the same views, if he doesn’t tell them about people? No one knows, and it doesn’t really help anyone.” She was fully conscious of the fact this applied very well to her. “It just makes people feel like they’re alone, and people will give in and stop resisting. You have to let people know you agree with them.”
“So start with yourself. Next time you see someone like that, tell them.” It seemed like the logical conclusion to her husband.
Fan-qing took a deep breath, and sighed. “... Yes, but what if they are a spy?” She had a bothered expression on her face. “Then I’d have given myself away right? There’s no good way around this I guess…” She sighed heavily again, deep in thought pondering this dilemma.
For more like this, please visit our sub RedTideStories or our blog on 64fd.wordpress.com.
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2021.12.05 07:03 Appropriate_Leg_6 Why does everyone think Shan is a good player?

I have seen lots of people idolizing Shan (pun intended) but I really don't see her skills. She played an extra vote two different ways so it just cancelled eachother out and was a waste. Also here telling Ricard the plan was literally her sealing her own fate and goes against their plan to vote eachother off eventually. I just don't see her as a strategic player. She doesn't come up with moves and I just don't get why people like her.
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2021.12.05 07:03 SportFull Hány barátod van jelenleg?

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2021.12.05 07:03 edilla420 Ayo anybody tryna do a brockhampton thing and start a band???

im a producer looking for rappers at any age bro jus go crazy
comment on this if interested
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2021.12.05 07:03 okusi741 Why the salesperson doesn’t want to sell a car?

Saw a post about 4runner on both Facebook market place and dealer’s website, and went to dealer straight away in the afternoon, and I saw it in the lot, without sold tag, so I went to the salesperson, and he said there is no 4runner here, but seems like he does not want to talk about the 4runner in the lot, answered me there is no 4runner without looking at their database.
Usually they put the sold tag on immediately when you put down the deposit, and there are lots of cars have sold tags on them, so I don’t think it was sold. I ask if there is any 4runner before I told him I saw one without tag in their lot, but seems like he does not want to talk about it, answered me it was just sold this morning. I was just there for 5 minutes and did not do anything wrong, why the salesperson is like this?
The more ridiculous thing is I went back home and saw another new facebook market place posting (after my visit) about this 4runner again, with the texts like immediate delivery available. Does anybody know why this would happen? There is no markup things in my region, the listing price is msrp.
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2021.12.05 07:03 OSRS_IN_2017_LUL [LFH] AD700x vs PC38x vs HD560s for strict fps gaming

Whats your pick, boys? Especially looking forward to your opinion, LifelongCaboose
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2021.12.05 07:03 SkyX01 Overall impression of the game for those who played it ?

I have been playing card games for a few years now and I wanted to know the overall impressions of people who eventually already played the game since it is "for now ?" restricted to Japan.
I have played early Heartstone, a bit of Magic/Force Of Will, into Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight Vanguard and Future Card Buddyfight.
Was it fun ?
Was it balanced ?
Was it complicated ?
Are matches too long ?
Realease too frequent in Japan ? (Expensive to play ? )
Thank you !
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2021.12.05 07:03 Puzzled-Drive2805 ST4 Theory: Is Karen Wheeler related to ....

The resemblance is striking and could be intentional given that Tyner Rushing (Mrs. Creel) is naturally a brunette, and so with the proper hair and make up they could have been made to look like a relative of Karen's since the actors look fairly alike. This would be interesting as it would tie Karen and the Wheelers directly to the Creels and the "curse" that appears to have befallen that family, which would give them some personal reasons to get to bottom of that story.
Seeing Double
If all the Creels are dead then it would fall to reason that the next closest relatives would be sought after the curse. Karen would have been in her teens during the late 50s so Mrs. Creel could be her aunt or one of her parent's cousins. And there may have been some foreshadowing to this relation in the Sneak Peek if the shot of the Party entering the Creel House is meant to parallel the shot of the grandfather clock. The doorway with Nancy being framed in it and the clock which could be a Creel family heirloom could symbolize that Nancy is connected to the Creels.
Heir and Heirloom
If you need more convincing that the door and clock are symbolically connected, there is also the Creel House Teaser that shows these two dramatic shots. While the Party break into the house to investigate what occurred there, something (likely Vecna because of the title Vecna's Curse) appears to have awakened and may have done so if the curse was activated due to Nancy's presence there.
Break On Through
In addition this could also relate to my previous theory that Steve becomes Vecna, if this shot is foreshadowing Vecna breaking out of the clock. https://www.reddit.com/StrangerThings/comments/r4sj17/st4_theory_ahoy_im_steve_v/
The Hand of Steve aka Vecna
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2021.12.05 07:03 no7rix Homelander: Finally, some good fucking food.

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2021.12.05 07:03 Diligent_Witness7733 Issues with control

Do you have an overwhelming desire to control everything? I think a lot of what keeps me locked in this avoidance cocoon is that I cannot accept the uncertainties of life. I live a very restricted life because then it is easier to control. Relationships with others lead to so much uncertainty and I really hate that. I hate putting energy in to something and not getting the results I'd hoped for. Ultimately, it comes down to feeling incredibly helplessness and a desire to feel like I have some control over my life.
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2021.12.05 07:03 Beater93 Best faction summon ever….

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2021.12.05 07:03 tdog97 Best/closet place for BLM shooting

Any recs?
Also, good outdoor range recs please!
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