bdi94 kisib drs57 tnzaz tra35 h6fb4 2e79e zirdy sfa99 7sntt 9a9a4 4hy8k kztfy 256b8 rydry dkbt6 ys7tt 2h5hf dy525 kiyfn t28zb What's going to be announced at the Apple event? | Microsoft event announced for September 22 — Surface Pro 8 ...

What's going to be announced at the Apple event?

Microsoft just announced an event for September 22 and the lead image suggests that we may finally be getting the Surface Pro 8. Last year, Amazon announced the Ring Always Home Cam indoor flying camera. It is now available on invite-only access at $249.99 in the U.S. To recall, the Ring Always Home Cam casually flies around inside your home in a preplanned route to show you what’s going on. Here's everything Apple announced at its iPhone 13 event ... All four iPhone 13 models start with 128GB of storage now, with the Pro models going all the way up to 1TB of storage. Pricing is $699 ... All told, Apple’s iPhone 13 event will be a can’t miss event this coming Tuesdayember 14th. The post Apple iPhone 13 event: Here are all the new products being announced appeared first on BGR ...

2021.10.18 09:26 gumiho-9th-tail What's going to be announced at the Apple event?

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2021.10.18 09:26 Zealousideal_Oil1810 What do these mean?

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2021.10.18 09:26 Themayorofawsometown Continually Mad Punk: that's clearly Bo Dallas, I mean he even has the same boots

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2021.10.18 09:26 InovatorAE Mad Alchemist

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2021.10.18 09:26 P1619S What will you regret when you are on your deathbed?

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2021.10.18 09:26 KindheartednessNo434 Lmao ☠️

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2021.10.18 09:26 Phoenix_496 Does anyone have a Tapu Koko that they would trade for a Tapu Bulu?

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2021.10.18 09:26 fredinafrenchfry Ain’t got much of a chin to help balance it out. I used to get called “parrot” in high school. I’m becoming more and more comfortable taking side profiles because of this sub 💖

Ain’t got much of a chin to help balance it out. I used to get called “parrot” in high school. I’m becoming more and more comfortable taking side profiles because of this sub 💖 submitted by fredinafrenchfry to BigNoseLadies [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 09:26 Electronic_Drawer187 „but i think we’re living in tron.“ a sign of burry to buy tron now?

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2021.10.18 09:26 JsquallJ Bunny Arena boss- Using 3 Stars Units- No Rainbow Gears -Total DMG of 160k:

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2021.10.18 09:26 carreracs EUW: Guild "1337" looking for members!

We are looking for active people that are willing to group up for the rewards!
Add me: 十 HS#xxxxx Or find the guild with the tag "1337".
Region EUW!
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2021.10.18 09:26 burning_skylines Is there AO3 merch yet?

I saw that merch was in the works several years ago, but I can’t find any recent updates about it? Definitely want some AO3 or OTW merch, but want to buy official stuff, if possible.
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2021.10.18 09:26 HuckleBerrywale_baba Dear Indians, there is a Silent Killer in your blood.

Dear Indians, there is a silent killer amidst us. A non destructable man made chemical and its variant called PFOA C8, PFAS etc, they are also called 'Forever Chemicals'. These chemicals are generally used in Teflon Coated Pans, Raincoats, Umbrella Cloth, etc. It is also a bi-product of industries that manufacture these products. The biproduct is dumped in our ground water, rivers, soil etc.
Coming to main scary part, these chemicals once inside the body, do not get broken down and remain inside our body till the day we die, thats why they are called 'forever chemicals'. These chemicals cause Testicular Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Liver Damage, Babies born with deformities etc. And the most scarier part is, till today there is no regulations, rules or any restrictions in India for production, use and disposition of these dangerous chemicals. There is no legislation or discussion at all..!! Not in the Parliament neither among the Environment Protection Agencies in India..!! So any Tom, Dick and Harry with a factory that produces these chemicals will continue using them on your home products and dispose the byproduct in yoir drinking water and air that you breathe. Almost 99% Indians are having these 'forever chemicals' in their blood. If we do not bring any regulations and legislation to stop these 'forever chemicals', they will continue accumulating in our body.
It is present in your Umbrella Clothes, Raincoats, Rain Jackets, Rain Cover for vehicles, PFOA coated paper used in Fast Food Chains, Water proof moisturisers, cream, lotion, the fried fish, chicken, beef or mutton you ate. Its not jus about Teflon, there are many products that we use daily that contain these 'forever chemicals
Why is there no protest or outcry among us?? Why are we not coming on the streets for our basic rights of a clean environment and clean drinking water. I want to start a movement, but how do I proceed?? Whom do I approach?? Will the rich industrialists squash a small bug like me with their expensive lawyers??
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2021.10.18 09:26 Evallynne No One

No one:
Literally no one:
Absolutely zero people:
Infinitely zero people:
Me: I'm sad because someone didn't love me back because I talked about filling a bathtub with 300 yellow rubber ducks
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2021.10.18 09:26 herotaisen5 cute

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2021.10.18 09:26 slytherin555 Thoughts on reusing a PC for a different campaign?

So I'm new to playing DND and I'm curious what the rules or gaming etiquette has to say about reusing your characters.
Say I make my level 1 PC for my very first game. I play the campaign and end at level 20, the bbeg is defeated and everything is technically wrapped up but I don't want to abandon them since they're a fun character.
Can I take my character back to level 1, take them to a different table, and basically play them again with a new group?
What about if instead, my first PC didn't survive and I had to roll a new character to complete the campaign? Their storyline gets cut off and they never complete their personal journey. Can I choose to bring them back to life at a different table to try again?
What's the general thoughts on doing something like that? Is it up to each person or DM? Or is it seen as completely taboo?
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2021.10.18 09:26 IAmBloons3r True

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2021.10.18 09:26 General_Doom_101 How do you buy game pass ultimate for 2 months? (I can only see 1 month or 1 year)

If I'm wrong don't blame me :)
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2021.10.18 09:26 katelkarongah Demons elite dungeon 4

With undead slayer perk suitable for ed3 and dragon slayer for ed2 shouldn't we be getting ed4 about demons since we have got demon slayer perk
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2021.10.18 09:26 bugaboo_92 It hurts my ears but pleases my eyes

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2021.10.18 09:26 justalazygamer Pete Butt Edge Edge

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2021.10.18 09:26 IamDTrickster Plunging Neckline

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2021.10.18 09:26 hala_madrid100 MCAT test date

Hey all, I plan to apply to US med schools this next cycle (summer 2022) and was wondering when is the latest date to write the MCAT and still be considered an early application. I will be submitting my application early but I was thinking of writing the MCAT late july/early august (that gives me time to study over the summer). Is that too late, will it put me at a disadvantage?
I have a 4.0 GPA and solid, diverse extracurricular activities.
Thanks! Feedback is appreciated
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2021.10.18 09:26 TobiasH2o Phone sign in bug

I'm on a pixel 4a, since updating to android 12 a few weeks ago I'm yet to be able to get the sign in notification that let's me use my phone instead of password. Had anyone else had this issue?
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2021.10.18 09:26 technoexponent Hire Node.js Developer – What to Know before you proceed?

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