Waiting on that first time mail call be like 👀

2021.10.18 09:35 stiinothegringo Waiting on that first time mail call be like 👀

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2021.10.18 09:35 Fit-Development-5001 Ritika singh Boobs !!! Look at those milk tankers...

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2021.10.18 09:35 bandit-on-drugs Cool idea to help with burnout

If you’ve played overwatch this may sound familiar but what if siege had a thing where you could play say around 3 of the custom game modes just anytime the modes would rotate every week so example if you really like showdown instead of having to wait like probably 2 more years to play it you can play it next week or something like that you wouldn’t be able to buy the packs included with the game mode but I feel like it would help with burnout give you something fun to play when normal siege gets you worn out
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2021.10.18 09:35 YetiwithMachete How many Railrifles come in the Pathfinder box?

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2021.10.18 09:35 Lampirella Blursed_teeth

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2021.10.18 09:35 Yozora-no-Hikari Same energy

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2021.10.18 09:35 trynafigureoutt Wholesome top, the people’s champ

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2021.10.18 09:35 biggestjean mega gengar will ad 10

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2021.10.18 09:35 eh1998 Dope play

New streamer ive been watching. What do you think of his game play? Also any tips for fellow gamer here on how to aim better?
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2021.10.18 09:35 hawklaguz Venting about my FP a bit.

My fp has been very absent in talking to me for a couple of months now and I’m doing my best to be understanding as I know that they’re dealing with a lot right now. I have been incredibly supportive of them should they need to vent or if they need space. I care about them a lot and don’t want to overwhelm them.
I can’t tell them how I feel, though, because I’m scared of losing them. I don’t make friends very often and I feel like we just click really well. I hate that I feel like, for some reason, I’m just destined to not have long term friends.
Despite knowing that they’re busy and all, and again I am understanding, a part of me is paranoid that they hate me or that I’m constantly annoying them. Even though I only occasionally send them a text or a post. I am busy too as I have a job and haven’t talked to anyone as often lately. My fp and I have talked in the past before about how generally we both really value communication and honesty in friendships, so I want to believe that they would just tell me if they don’t want to be friends anymore. But they don’t express the same enthusiasm or interest in talking to me that they used to. When we do talk, they seem very disinterested and it just upsets me to think they don’t want to be friends/talk to me but won’t tell me for some reason. I mean yeah, that would be upsetting if that were the case, but I know ultimately that I would just have to accept that as I do care about them and if I’m not a positive presence, they should look out for themselves!
I have been trying to cope by doing various things that I enjoy to occupy my time. Writing, playing video games, etc. it does help a little, but then they will dm me and I’m sent right back into wondering if they do really want to be friends and maybe I’m just overthinking things. It’s just a stressful cycle that won’t end, and I think it’s because they occasionally show enough interest to make me wonder if I’m just overthinking things, but then it quickly goes back to the way it was before.
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2021.10.18 09:35 FitEscape4553 NBMEs 18-30 , recent test takers

Do nbme18-30 qs show up in the exam , not same qs exactly , but i mean same concepts testing .. !???
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2021.10.18 09:35 bad-beed Is this even a usable mirror?

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2021.10.18 09:35 SnooDoughnuts8764 hmmm

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2021.10.18 09:35 AJ_darkness True story

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2021.10.18 09:35 CringeCrossposterBot Post by u/ryansports in /r/TikTokCringe

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2021.10.18 09:35 Hamza-067 Scary Halloween Font Free Download

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2021.10.18 09:35 poopiman123 Filmed the stupid lambo instead

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2021.10.18 09:35 Ok_Plantain_6728 my brother took this camera and returned it with these purple lines visible. any idea what this is?

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2021.10.18 09:35 noctisumbra0 me, being rushed by my monster under the bed

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2021.10.18 09:35 GeorgeYDesign Melbourne Cup favourite hit with weight penalty

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2021.10.18 09:35 terminfidei Can you help me find this video of a liminal space hotel?

I distinctly recall there was a video that was posted to either this subreddit or another with similar content in which a lady recorded on her phone a hotel that her work sent her to.

The hotel was like out of a dream because it actually had a mini golf course and a pool that was simultaneously inside and outside. It is a vertically shot video but I cannot seem to find it!
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2021.10.18 09:35 ScreenSpirited For-loops and ggplot2 - Plots not taking for-loop arguments

I have produced some graphs using the base plot function and a for-loop - which provides me with the desired output. However, the plots look horrendous - so I've tried to use ggplot2, but the for-loop fails to produce the same graphs as the base plot

# WORKS - but a basic plot
for(j in d1_split$Machine){
plot(d1$Num[which(d1$Machine==j)], d1$Cq[which(d1$Machine==j)],
xlab = j,
ylim = c(d1_split$Lower_1[which(d1_split$Machine==j)]-0.25,
type = "b", col = "black", pch = 16)
abline(h = d1_split$Avg[which(d1_split$Machine==j)], col = "red")
abline(h = d1_split$Upper_1[which(d1_split$Machine==j)], col = "red")
abline(h = d1_split$Lower_1[which(d1_split$Machine==j)], col = "red")
# This semi-works - gives multiple plots with all machines, each with different mean/sd lines
for(i in d1_split$Machine){
aes(x = Num, y = Cq, col = Machine)) +
geom_point(size=2) +
geom_line() +
xlab(NULL) +
ylab("Cq value") +
facet_wrap(~ Machine, nrow = 2, ncol = 4) +
linetype="dashed", color="red") +
linetype="dashed", color="red") +
linetype="dashed", color="red") +
theme(axis.text.x = element_text(colour = "black", angle = 45, vjust = 0.5),
axis.title=element_text(size=16, colour = "black"),
axis.text=element_text(size=14, colour = "black"),
axis.line = element_line(colour = "black"),
panel.background = element_blank(),
legend.text = element_text(size=12),
legend.title = element_text(size=14),
legend.box.background = element_rect(colour = "black")))
I'd like for the ggplot2 for-loop to produce graphs each with different hlines for each facet wrap - but they are always the same - Can anyone spot where I may be going wrong??
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2021.10.18 09:35 GeorgeYDesign Cricket Australia appoints new men's selector ahead of Ashes series

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2021.10.18 09:35 CryptoVines 🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Fiverr Platform Just Launched 🏪 Liquidity Locked 1yr 🔒 🎲 Weekly Lottery for Holders 🎲✅ Get Hired, Do work, Get paid in crypto☀️

👇Trade tokens👇
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At Plant Token we have aimed to make a defi token with automated rewards and a use case for longterm holders. We want to help restore the environment and the confidence in the crypto space. We will start by building a strong community and prove that we are here to stay.
We are a token with a real use case in the future. We are currently building a freelance marketplace platform for the crypto community. Creating a space where both buyers and sellers can come to an agreement for their goods, service, NFT, or anything else.
We are currently pushing ahead with our marketing, and have influencers posting about us frequently. Our roadmap on our website shows you our progress in development. We are also currently writing our whitepaper, and soon will have a more updated website design.
Our community is built upon the basis of the token being completely transparent allowing investors to not worry. We have doxxed devs who are active on the telegram to help with any issues or questions you have. The Plant Token army continues to grow and getting stronger. The telegram is growing and active 24/7. The project is still very new and we currently have a low number of holders! Within a month we hope to have many more! We are growing fast and healthy, and hope to continue this into the future.

📝Token Information:
☀️Name : Plant Token
☀️Symbol : PLANT
☀️Blockchain : BSC
☀️Total Supply : 161,211,420 $PLANT

✅Contract Address : 0xdC243F2cF20106B53C7b5A6fd4756C1a920a59DC

🚨TOKENOMICS : 10% Tax On Transactions
🌱3% Donated To Charity
💪🏼2% Distributed To All Holders
🔒2% Liquidity Locked
🔥2% Burnt
☀️1% Surprise Sprouts Lottery

Lottery drawings every week!

☀️Crypto Freelance Marketplace: https://www.planttoken.work/
📣Telegram: https://t.me/planttoken
🌏Token Info WebSite: https://www.PlantToken.Co
🐥Twitter: https://Twitter.com/PlantToken
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2021.10.18 09:35 GeorgeYDesign Police not ruling out abduction as hunt continues for missing four-year-old girl in WA

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