Mad-Eye and the Boggart

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2021.10.18 08:31 saraboo2324 Mad-Eye and the Boggart

In OOTP, Mrs. Weasley has Mad-Eye check the cupboard in the drawing room in Grimmauld Place. She wants to see if it’s a Boggart in there. Nobody knows what a Boggart looks like, so do you think Mad-Eye can see it’s true form by just looking through the ceiling at it?
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2021.10.18 08:31 evelynclaire_xoxo Hi hi 👋☺

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2021.10.18 08:31 NeatOutrageous Difficulty conquering the US as Japan

Hey there fellow commanders.
I've recently started playing hoi4 and as my first serious game (did a quick learning tour on Germany) I'm playing as Japan, now it's somewhere in the beginning of 1938. I've invaded the us and taken San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and a line of 1/2 territories along the coast in between them. At San Francisco I've also entered (and at one point passed) the mountains. Landed nearly all of my troops (3 army's of 24) but now I can't win a single combat. Doesn't matter how many devisions I throw at them even though there's only one of the American devisions on the other side. I struggled with suply for a little bit but with 3 ports that seems to be out of the way, so I can't figure out what's holding me back. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.10.18 08:31 NaturalDecent6039 Can any one give me tips I just started like what to add to it

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2021.10.18 08:31 let_them_aholes_talk [Rap] Haunted (song about being haunted)

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2021.10.18 08:31 Dindu_nuffins1000 My Golden Retriever / German Shepard puppy after one of his daily walks.

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2021.10.18 08:31 WanderingWojack Another Type of "Nihilism"

I approach nihilism from a different viewpoint. I'm not talking about a grander meaning.
To me, there are clearly things of real meaning and value. Regardless of whether or not there is a grander meaning, these things would still matter.
So what is the problem?
The problem if that we don't have any real actual control over the things which really matter in life. And i'm not talking about the problem of free will here. Even if we have any control whatsoever, it's only the trivial things we can change. Now that induces nihilism and a sense of helplessness.
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2021.10.18 08:31 Just_Sugar297 I just got my first berserker ring drop ever! (at 90 kc)

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2021.10.18 08:31 Some-Bored-Person Forget us

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2021.10.18 08:31 Superindian48 Cyphereim - The Next Step for The Blockchain Industry

Cypherium is an enterprise-ready blockchain project, which is designed to be highly scalable and robust which utilizes a hybrid design that features a joint Proof-of-Work (PoW) and HotStuff (Also adopted by Facebook’s Libra) consensus mechanism that can allegedly achieve thousands of transactions per second without sacrificing decentralization.
#DCIF #cypheriumchain #DLT #hotstuff #blockchain #interoperability #defi #cypherium #CPH #CBDC
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2021.10.18 08:31 KnowsIittle If someone is sick with an illness and they overdose on a drug trying to cure it, is their death recorded as from the illness or the overdose?

To avoid being flagged, I'll clarify I'm not requesting medical advice. Purely a hypothetical question and everyone should consult with a doctor before trying to self treat or diagnose.
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2021.10.18 08:31 MichoTheNotourious Comportamento das abelhas

Pessoal eu ontem tava a comer aqui o meu delicioso frango grelhado ao ar livre nas mesas do parque quando uma abelha apareceu e pousou no frango e começou a comer (???) pensava que as abelhas só gostavam de flores. Os humanos andam a maltratar de tal forma a vegetação que as coitadas não têm outra escolha se não comer carne…. Btw tirei uma foto deste ato muito estranho Vou deixar nos comentários…
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2021.10.18 08:31 Impossible-Sundae-37 How can I care for my orchid?

The roots were mostly removed to be kept from fungus infection. It has not dropped a leaf in about 2 weeks, which I think is a good sign. I put on water culture about once a week.
Pictures are here:Orchid (let me know if anyone needs more information about it!)
As usual, any constructive advice is welcomed. Please don't make fun of me cause I'm still a baby in this area lol
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2021.10.18 08:31 Wondering_Fairy Te Grip

I'm INFP but I don't remember any time in which I fell into Te grip. How did you experience Te grip if you had?
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2021.10.18 08:31 kenmou13 ハンバーグは西洋の文化だけど箸文化の東洋では食べ物が小さくなってギョーザに。チンチンいじるな!

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2021.10.18 08:31 MaxManojKumar Legendary Raid on me

Giratina raid on me add fast for 5 min available : 6605 9255 2052
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2021.10.18 08:31 EmotionCreative8571 How To Go Viral On YouTube and Trend Within The Algorithm

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2021.10.18 08:31 RicyHub 21 [F4A]

I'm bored with nothing to do, hit me up if you want to talk about nerd stuff or something 🦑
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2021.10.18 08:31 ASICmachine Down memory lane, when do all the rest join in? (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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2021.10.18 08:31 ASICmachine Bitcoin Mining Will Heat Up a major Canadian city from 2022 (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

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